Voice Recording Pro from Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Testimonial from Sandra Marconi as interviewed and recorded by Constance Martin-Witter at Bluffton Community Soup Kitchen
Sandra:  I moved to Bluffton, SC in May of last year and I was diagnosed with the first stages of breast cancer so on disability and I only get $500+/month from disability and I live in a low income apartment right down the street from the church. AND it has been a blessing for me because with $500/month it is very difficult to make ends meet. And I do not receive any food stamps from the government because unfortunately prior to me getting sick I was a nurse and I made good money and had a good income so a lot of the standards I didn’t qualify for. And I am sure at this point I probably would, but I was so weak that I just did not have the time and effort and with the COVID-19 going on it’s been very difficult to try to make ends meet. So if it wasn’t for the food I receive from this church I don’t know how I would have made ends meet. So I appreciate this organization. They are a blessing to all for the community, because it is just not my effort but I see Hispanics here, I see Blacks and Whites and all kinds of people from middle class, to low class, to even high class. Covert 19 has struck us all in a very gruesome way unfortunately but this has been one of the shining stars in the sky. It is a blessing. And thank you very much Miss Constance.
Constance:  Could you share with us your physical transition that was a part of your illness and then how the food bank was able to help you regain some of your strength.
Sandra:  So when I got sick I was approximately 300 pounds; I got so sick I went down to 129 pounds and then of course I had to have the surgery and the medications that makes me puke but I mean the variety of food they provide here through this organization, I’ve got fruits and salads and lactose tolerant milks, and produces and all the stuff that benefits my health. I was able to gain so I am up to 150 pounds from 129 pounds which made me feel so much better and it has given me a lot of energy. They also provide us with proteins and meat that we can cook  and they are frozen so they have been able to keep them frozen by the time we get them home they are still frozen so we put them up and I really have not had anything go bad on me. So it definitely has been a blessing.
Constance:  Thank you so very much  Sandra:  You are so very welcome.

 Bluffton Community Soup Kitchen says

to all the many donors who have made such a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors in need during this awful pandemic.   Your kindness, generosity, faithfulness and humanity have helped to inspire all the diligent volunteers who  every Monday and Thursday provide an outdoor food pantry and “hotstuff” boxes of food and basic necessities for members of our community, while continuing to prepare and deliver hot meals on Wednesday to sick, shut-ins. elderly and poor working families.
Your financial support has allowed us to increase the number of days and people we can serve during this pandemic.
Thank you, thank you, thank you and that still is not enough !!!         
Please feel free to stop by any Monday or Thursday between 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. at 25 Boundary Street in old town  Bluffton, or you can contact Constance Martin-Witter at  248-390-1798;  email us at [email protected].
Donations can be made to:
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